Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Now in Hong Kong for a limited time only!

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I am the Original SIN...

I am the Dessert so sweet, you would want to eat

I am the Steak you saw, that you want really raw

I am the Sports Car you ride that makes your day bright

I am the Thrill you seek that makes your knees weak

I am the Creature you adore and you know you can't ignore

I am PORTIA, the delicious Sin so sweet

you know you want to COMMIT…

A Sin so good and exhilarating it has to be FATTENING

Singapore has always been my stomping ground. It feels like a second home. The warmth and hospitality of the people reminds me of the Philippines. Singapore is the land of the food savvy, and Voracious Appetites for everything Beautiful and Delectable. Hmmmmn. I guess thats why I am popular here. everyone wants a taste of me. But, I have to warn you, everyone who had a taste, had a bite, or had a lick kept coming back for more. What can I say? I am very delectable. Better than a bowl of piping hot bakut teh. Or maybe not. :) I guess you have to try me and judge.

I love that Singapore is such a metropolitan city. It celebrates the old and embraced the new. I also love that its a melting pot of ethnicities and culture. I enjoy the cultural diversities of the city, especially the food. I am a born foodie :) I have visited every major cities in South East Asia. And Singapore for me still offers the best food in the world. The avaible choice is endless. Indian Curries , Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice.... I guess thats because singapore is also a fusion of various ethnicities. I like variety in my food. It is always an adventure to go around Singapore and discover all these little restaurants offering traditional singaporean food. But I also Looove Variety in Men and Singapore has spoiled me for choice. Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, British, Filipino :) Every race can Melt on Me. I honestly cant have enough....I have an insatiable appetite. ( food or men? You decide) as long as I can taste it, everything and everyone is fair game. ( wink!)

As for me, I GUESS I CAN BE YOUR SINGAPOREAN Sexual HAUTE CUISINE. One thing I know about Singaporean men (every men ) is that everyone has an avid appetite :)and all men appreciate everything attractive, tasty and delectable... LIKE ME. I am amiable and adaptive to everything you desire. The key to having something wonderful is mutual hunger and passion. I have that in heaps, do you? Are you ready to try and taste? ARE YOU READY TO DEVOUR AND ENJOY THE Best in Carnal Delights! You can be the chef of your own sexual fantasy. All you need to do is to tell me all the things you desire, everything you wish for, everything you crave. AND IT SHALL BE SERVED! ! THE PORTIA CHALLOWAY WAY! Like the best food in the world, Like a Haute Cuisine, Like the most Exotic FOOD AVAILABLE. It will be unforgettable and you will crave for more.

PORTIA CHALLOWAY Is Your Carnal Cuisine

I just love Shanghai! It's vibrant, dynamic and constantly evolving …. just like me! The shopping is wonderful, the architecture is exquisite, and the food! The Food! Oh the choices are endless, which is quite a treat for a foodie like me. I have traveled around asia, and the first thing I do is hunt for local treats! I love to go where most locals go because, most of the time, it's the best place to go for cheap and tasty local food.

When in Shanghai, I always opt to scavenger hunt for street food. All the winding alleyways and dark corners always has some hidden treasure of hole in the wall, wallet friendly restaurants or a pop up food stall. Most of the time, I try everything (even if I don't know what I am eating).

I love all the soup dumplings and noodles. There's this one I tried that is filled with peanuts and swimming in aromatic pork broth. Heaven! The grilled kebab thingies. I love that they're small, tasty and easy to eat, unlike the middle eastern version that's big enough to feed a village, mind you I am watching my figure ( hah!). And the funky fried tofu. I can honestly eat it all day.

Shanghai is abundant with choices and I am ready to explore more :) I hope there would be some cute guy out there willing to take me around and enjoy what Shanghai has to offer. You'll never know, you might have me for dessert!

Want to GET DIRTY?

Want to GET DIRTY?

Portia Challoway

Portia Challoway


+852 6990 2556


do you like what you see???



I am your Vampire waiting to SUCK your Delicious SIN

Its the darkest hour of the moon

And the moment came too soon....

I perched my self high and search the darkness

MY lascivious hunger gripping me like a harness

My tasty RAW prey are all unaware

Of the tranny predator giving them a ravenous stare

One delectable creature will certainly be lucky

To be chosen by the huntress for my salacious fantasy

A starved erotic touch and sexy stare from your goddess

Is consuming, like drowning from blissful darkness

Its an endless dream of erotic fantasy

Because Only WITH MY BITE


I am Portia CHALLOWAY... Asia's Bad KITTY…

...its amazing how many people out there are starved for some adventure, and I have always been curious about what men desires. Its always a smorgasboard of fantasies and hidden desires, but at the end of the day...They all want A GOOD COMPANION.... and thats me:)

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Swings from somewhere you can't see

She sits in the top of the peak so free

She sends out an aroma of carnal love

She reeks of mystery and fantasy from above

You can hear her moaning everywhere you turn

You know you're headed for the pleasure burn

The words get stuck on the tip of your tongue

She's the tranny you want but you knew it along

She's just so sexy, the tranny you want

Look at you, your mouth watering

Look at you, your mind spinning

Why don't we just admit it's all over

She's just a TRANNY you want


delicious fantasy

 photo DSC_0964copy_zps40c1f9dd.jpg


Wanna share coffee?

i am yours anytime you wish me to be yours

i am yours anytime you wish me to be yours


first is the email....
someone is coming to Hongkong for a business trip.
--european-- another banker i guess? Hongkong is quite a global city--and it breeds a lot of dreamy wall street types---if that is your thing--
he asks if im available on this date.....
i reply yes, and supply my extra details....
i never know if its happening, a lot of time wasters out there...
so the trick is not to wait but always be prepared....
the day comes--and he calls
i meet him in coyote --a mexican resto bar-- in johnston road--
cute introductions-- idle conversations--
tequila kicks in and start to relax...
a kiss...a touch... a hug...
then everything moves like a freight train...
before i know it im in the lift of a random 5 star hotel--
arms around my shoulders, like a wife--a sexy girflriend...
then intimate( erotic) beginnings....
then it ends....
he needs to sleep early because he has a meeting...
awkward conversations--- nothing too personal until now--
i scramble to look decent in the washroom...
before i leave , he promises to call again...
whenever he is in town....
who is he... another john doe....
i dont care to solicit personal info until he tells me...
i am glad though that i am able to satisfy a hunger he craves--
he probably has been planning this rendezvous for a while..
while it become a part of my everyday life....
i give someone a chance to be extraordinary on their otherwise ordinary life...
i guess thats my novelty
a temporary girlfriend...
and im glad to do it everyday.

the geisha is waiting

the geisha is waiting
..let me POUR YOU MY TEA...


so i am finally back in hongkong.... and i cant wait to prowl my favourite neighborhood.--the whole city--
its a place for shopping( sale sale sale galore), greasy chinese food( chao fan anyone?)--oh it just perks me up, my favorite pork neck salad from Thai HUT ( the very very popular hole in the wall eatery) in wanchai between johnston road and jaffe road)--in front of amazonia,. I SWEAR I COULD EAT THIS MORNING, NOON, AND NIGHT, and of course the MEN( always dime a dozen)--
well, i would try to avoid going to PACIFIC Place for awhile, as I need to save some money--save it for a rainy day, but i will definitely go to the esprit factory outlet store to buy some cheap finds...or go to Johnston road market to impulse buy--
advise for shopaholics--when feeling the itch--go to cheaper places, its definitely kinder to your pockets and plastics.
OH how i miss riding the train( not the rush hour when they stuff you in like sardines)--i always find interesting ummm smell emanating from people( shower is the key to smell less like fish) or ride the ferry--- positive ions from water actually makes you happy--so they say---but hk water seems too murky to have positive ion -- maybe bacterial ion for some explosive diarrhea-- or riding the tram---its the closest thing i can do to pretend im in LONDON....sigh
anyway...enough of my rambling...or is it too late for that???
i just want to invite the MEN in HK.
If you want to have a good time( no fuss , no drama, no issues)
Im around( well ive been around the block for sure hehehe)
I AM here!!! Just call me up at +85262267781
I am up for dates, hanging out or anything you want to suggest( not too kinky please!!!!)
--ok i need to go back to my pork neck salad and have another food epiphany

+86 18218 14 8318

+86 18218 14 8318
what are you waiting for??? call me

Deliciously Sinful

Deliciously Sinful

I'll rock your world!

I'll rock your world!



who am i

i am a hopeless romantic and one bad date away from being cynical. i am a sucker for the written word. i like stephen king, as much as bjork or that crackwhore amy. i like sydney sheldon, sweet valley high and every author who creates a non realistic but powerful female heroine. it gives me an escape. i curse, weep and howl. i am a bit shy and introverted sometimes, but i also smile the sweetest of smiles and bellow ear-shattering laughters. i frown at incompetence but screams for pleasure. i squirm when bored and squirm when tittilated. im like any other human out there, and crave for carnal pleasures. i need to be prodded but im usually adventurous and i have an open mind. i am a connoisseur of visual and aural feasts--of all things ethereal and sublime ; ghastly and profane; a sense of aesthetics is my best friend, i like lingerie and gladiator shoes. i know what i want...and sometimes i am cursed by so many wonderful fashion bombarding me--im like a little girl in a candy store...i am a friend. a confidant. a lover. a mistress. a doting girlfriend. i am sexual and perversed, but i know my limits.. i am a creature who enjoys pigging-out on her favorite food --i love going to buffets ...many people are surprised that i love watching crappy reality shows...i wish i am on america's next top model or cooking in top chef. i am butter melting deliciously on your tongue. i am narcissistic and extremely vain.a camera-whore who flirts with the lens on like, a regular basis. i am brad pitt( in troy)-smitten; jude, too.and everyday i adore a different man. i cant help it, im so horny. i live in the present, and pop culture is my religion; i take maliscious happiness in the misery of britney spears and every celebrity i adore. i am sometimes, laid back, i start and have no follow through, but i am a schemer just the same--i plan, i execute...i kick myself when i fail, i hug myself when i succeed. i dare to live in waking dreams. i am a bit of a tragedy and a resounding success. i am beauty and ugliness. i love my body because its strong and i hate it because its strong. i always wish to be thinner, but i always wish to be healthier. i am a walking irony. i am dominant , but passive-aggressive. i am sane and crazy. i am happy and sad. i am shadow and light. agony and ecstasy. cold as ice. hot as fire. ..take a deep breathe love me or hate me.i am wholistic and i am real.i am far from perfect...i am portia....

add me on yahoo messenger

add me on yahoo messenger
if you want to ask me any question or if you have any inquiry


im finally back in singapore...
its been long overdue...and i must say i miss being here.
the people are great( especially the men--the mix of asian, caucasian makes the mix especially spicy for me), the food( i love HOT POT--- so cheap), and shopping--- a curse to my existence--but a pair of stilletoes every now and then cant hurt.
i just want to say, to all my loyal "friends"--thank you for continuing to support me...and to all those new people who wants to try.... im always welcoming...
i live in a nice posh accomodation in chinatown. discreet and very very clean. if you need good company or if you feel --kinky--horny--bored--happy--
i will be here....just a phone call away +6591344480
or if u want to chat with me--add me on ym portiasbunny:)

see ya soon







love thy self

love thy self






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hello yellow!

hello yellow!


channeling Kat Von D

read my LIPS

read my LIPS
"come to me"



Friday, July 16, 2010

"Sometimes we need to take a break and appreciate the small things that moulded us into what we are now...."

Friday, January 29, 2010



This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS.

Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back to change.

Doesn't matter how random, just type it! Re-post it for all of your BORED friends.

1. Beer: Tsing Tao and vomit!

2. Food: Hot pot!!!!

3. Relationships: give me false hope....

4. Your CRUSH: Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds

5. Power Rangers: I prefer Bioman

6. Life: is like a box of chocolates.......

7. The President: is doomed!

8. Yummy: Big, muscular, dark, skinhead guys!

9. Cars: remember the Inconvenient Truth

10. Movie: 27 Dresses!

11. Halloween: reminds me of Hong Kong costume parties.... sigh.....

12. Sex: What? That would be the last thing on my mind.....

13. Religion: Ii'm atheist but i still believe in a Supreme Being

14. Hate: Bubbles on my nail polish, scratches on my e devices, flight, pimples on my butt, whiteheads, micheal jackson hype.

15. Fear: Aging, death, sharp knives....

16. Marriage: is a choice, not compulsory.

17. Blondes: are stupid, work in a tanning salon, have herpes outbreaks...... mostly bleached....

18. Slippers: Comfy.....

19. Shoes: 4-inch heels. The higher, the better.

20. Asians: Fierce!

21. Pass time: PSP, Pet Society......

22. One night stand: It happens for a reason.

23. My cellphone: a scratch on its screen..

24. Smoke: I've quit smoking.

26. College: I miss school so much.......

27. High school Life: Wish i've done more.....

28. Pajamas: Bananas

29. Stars: are blind.

30. Fitness Center: Haven't been there yet.

31. Alcohol: hangover, vomit......

32. The word love: thy will be done

33. Friends: they come and go.....

34. Money: Would love to have more.....

35. Heartache: Angina pectoris.

36. Time: is gold.

37. Divorce: why did you marry in the first place??? stupid.

38. Dogs: here gussy, gussy, gussy...... here gussy, gussy, gussy......

39. Undies: white and bright.

40. Parents: at home..... getting old......

41. Babies: here babies,babies, babies........

42. Ex: a letter.

43. Song: papa, papa, paparazzi.

44. Color: Blue

45. Weddings: 27 dresses!!!!

46. Pizza: loaded with tabasco. Yum!

47. Hangout: I prefer being alone at home.

48. Resto: the dingier, the better.

49. Goal: sometimes just don't come through.

50. Inspiration: I'm just not inspired.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

question and answers

1. What time did you get up this morning? 2PM.... Just lethargic.....
2. How do you like your steak? Well done. Think of trichinosis, tapeworm.....
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Really really long long time ago. Pasukob. I just don't like cinemas.
4. What is your favorite TV show? Reality shows mostly.... ANTM...Top Chef.....Amazing Race....
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? In a rural area somewhere in Cambodia or maybe the Swiss Alps.
6. What did you have for breakfast? I skipped today but usually i have fried rice, sausage, beans, and hard-boiled egg.... and milk tea and slices of melon and watermelon.....
7. What is your favorite cuisine? Greasy Chinese.
8. What foods do you dislike? Lechon Paksiw, Pata Tim... I hate sweet savories....
9. Favorite Place to Eat? I prefer places where locals go.... low-end and cheap.....
10. Favorite dressing? Vinaigrette
11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? I don't even drive....
12. What are your favorite clothes? Frilly dress, cute shirt, bermuda shorts.
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Japan..... Switzerland....... Mongolia.
14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? Can I delete this question?
15. Where would you want to retire? Back home......
16. Favorite time of day? Afternoon.
17. Where were you born? Baguio.
18. What is your favorite sport to watch? Volleyball. Lately I'm into rugby coz of those big beefy guys. YUMMY!
19. Who do you think will not tag you back? Those who I will not be tagging.
20. Person you expect to tag you back first? Abhie and Donita.
21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? Donita.
22. Bird watcher? Yes. Birds are lurking behind pants.
23. Are you a morning person or a night person? Night definitely.
24. Do you have any pets? 2 cats, 6 dogs, 7 fishes, a turtle (but now missing).....
25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? I've QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!
26. What did you want to be when you were little? A doctor...... specifically a neurosurgeon.
27. What is your best childhood memory? Skinnydipping with my male friends.....
28. Are you a cat or dog person? More of a cat person.
29. Are you married? Nope.
30. Do you have a pony? I ate it.... A little sinewy...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

princess rantings

my coffee is stale.

and so is my mood.

Hongkong seems dreary, or is it just me?

not even my oatmeal raisin is picking me up....

as i scan the horizon of people walking.

i never feel more alone.

i guess loneliness can be palpable when you think about it.

but maybe ill meet a handsome prince...

to rescue me in this cocoon of melancholy:)

where are you my prince:)

i want to be a princess

mood: pensive

i am still trying to figure out my macbook pro.:(

i have never been interested in software before, and i never really have the need for it.

but it is a necessity nowadays... and instead of starting with windows, i started with Mac( not the make up- although this would be much easier for me) that reminds me-- i need a new foundation

but i do love my technology-- my interest though last like a lifespan of a mayfly.

i seem to want a new gadget everytime. ipod-check. psp-check. desktop-check. cellphone-check. digital camera-check. ( i wish for an i phone touch--any donor??)

vibrator-check- OOOOPS did i just write that:) hey...i have my needs

i just hate that i just bought a macbook and now i pad comes --i guess i should hold off for awhile and before you know it...theres an Ipod pro....

i guess, gadgets are like men--and my latest favorite gadget is like my latest boyfriend...

it looses its novelty after awhile, and before i know it, i am wanting an upgraded version, so i discard of the old one.

hmmn. that doesnt sound nice. I am not Carrie Bradshaw, i dont treat men like trash.